Marc Glenn - Meet the Team

Today we're introducing you to Marc Glenn. Marc is currently heading up our EU funded Horizon 2020 project which is now in its second year. We catch up with him to talk about his time at EDS.

What did you do before joining EDS?

Before EDS I was involved in Project Engineering and Management in Oil & Gas and Offshore Wind industries working on EPCI contracts in UK and Europe.  I have experience in FEED, specification, manufacturing, FAT, installation and commissioning of subsea structures, umbilicals and power cables, and also have experience in Project Management working for the DNO, TO and TSO in Northern Ireland in Transmission Grid Development and Interconnection.


What is your role within EDS and what does it involve?

My job title is Technical Projects Manager and I am currently focussing on the Horizon 2020 Cable Sentry project.  As with any project, I am becoming familiar with the requirements, schedule, budget, risks, opportunities, stakeholders etc.  The main goal of the project is to define and advance EDS’s Distributed Acoustic Sensing service capability as part of a holistic approach to cable condition monitoring and asset management.  I have been very fortunate in my work experience to date in various industries and I look forward to contributing to EDS’s success in the future on a range of projects.


Why Renewables?

I studied electrical & electronic engineering at university with my greatest interest being in the electrical generation and transmission related modules.  After completing student work placements with Northern Ireland Electricity Networks as a project engineer and then my graduate programme with Schlumberger in oil & gas well services and operations, I was passionate about combining my offshore experience with my interest in the transmission and distribution of electricity.  Very quickly I realised the offshore wind industry would be perfect for satisfying my interests.  To achieve this I moved to Subsea 7 as a project engineer in the subsea riser, umbilicals and flowlines department as I was aware they were interested in diversifying into renewables.  After a lot of requests, I was transferred into their renewables division, specialising in subsea cable design through to installation and commissioning.  Also passionate about living in my home country of Northern Ireland, after a number of years at Subsea 7, I took a role as Project Manager in the local TSO, SONI.  As part of the EirGrid group they were progressing a number of studies into subsea cable interconnectors to GB and France.  These projects had a very long programme and were as much political as they were engineering based therefore as soon as I was presented an opportunity with EDS HV in my ideal industry, it was an easy decision.


What advice would you give to young people looking at careers in Renewable industry?

Try to gain as much experience as early as possible in your career as it’s surprising how life takes over as you get a bit older.  Be open to new roles and positions, outside of your comfort zone, and when you find something you like, lead the charge about increasing your experience in that area, no one will be holding your hand through your career.  This sounds cheesy I know, but try to work for a company who has the same values and aims as yourself, as it is extremely easy to become demoralised in a company with different goals in mind.


What do you like to do in your free time?

Working on the family farm, doing any type of building and DIY work, going for walks with my wife and my golden retriever, enjoying a single malt whiskey/whisky (depending on where you are from) and I love playing golf, although for the amount of effort I put into it, I am truly terrible.